Tuesday, October 27, 2009

On the Eve of the New Academic Session

This is a new Blog created just now.
The new academic session will commence from tomorrow. I just wanted to reflect on my experience in the previous session. This new blog will be used for student interaction during the new session.
Last year I tried, to a great extend, to integrate ICT in my day to day teaching.The result was not very enthusiastic. There are a number of of reasons for that, the major one being the lack of access to ICT for student teachers.The other ones are hectic academic activities, apathy of a small group of student teachers,lack of my ICT skills etc. Luckily I got two opportunities to enhance my ICT skills, a week long 'Intel Teach Programme' and again a week long Orientation in Informatics organised by the KSHEC. Both progammes,I hope, will enhance my ICT skills. Therefore during the coming session I will try to integrate ICT tools in a more efficient manner in my day to day teaching.

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