Tuesday, October 27, 2009

My Teaching Plan for 2009-2010

Suggested titles for PBL scenario for 2009-2010
As with the previous batches,I will adopt PBL approach in my transaction this academic session also.

I plan the first practicum as follows.
How much Resourceful is the Internet in Learning Educational Philosophy?A Comparative Study of Digital and Traditional sources.
Plan of Action.
Student teachers will work in small groups and each group will concentrate on a particular school of educational philosophy of the contributions of an educational philosopher.Student teacher are expected to search,identify, find,retrieve, share both digital and print materials available to them.They will be helped to use various online interactive tools to enhance their reach and interaction.
Each group will share their learning experiences on a day to day manner to the whole group.
There will a final presentation by each group using presentation softwares
Te final products expected from each student teacher are a report of their learning experiences in black and white and a CD containing all the digital files they downloaded.
The duration .
1 st November to 15 th Dec.2009.

The titles of the other three practicums will be as follows.Details will be given later

2.How do teachers cope up with curriculum change?A study in the context of recent curriculum changer in the state.

3.How does education initiate changes in the society?A microscopic study of a village community in Kerala.

4.Reflections on the philosophical and sociological issues of ICT enabled education in Kerala

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