Thursday, December 3, 2009

School Trip is a unique component of Kerala University B.Ed. Program

"School Trip" is a unique component proposed in the
restructured curriculum of Kerala University B.Ed. programme.
The major purpose of this component is to help student teachers
get acquainted with the school environment.The curriculum describes the details of this component as follows.

School Trip

Purpose: to ‘see’ and ‘understand’ the school and the students

Discussion: Student teachers discuss with the school staff.

Place: The school in which the student teacher is proposed to do teaching practice.

Preparing a plan for the trip: A plan for the visit may be discussed and finalized by the teaching staff of the college by consulting the Headmasters/Principals of the practising schools .

An outline for guidance is presented below:

Day 1 (i) Meeting with Headmasters/Principals and teaching staff of participating schools to get an overall acquaintance with the schools and their day-to-day work.

(ii) Observe in small groups the classes of the subject teachers

Day 2. (iii) Meeting the students; free talk for a short period of time to collect information about their family learning environment. Inquire about their interest in learning and also the difficulties they are experiencing in learning.

(iv) Learning facilities and resources provided.Curricular provisions for less able students and more able students.

(v) Provision for internal evaluation.

(vi) Supervision of classes by the Head and inspection by Educational Officers

The full programme need not be discussed in detail. Give freedom to student teachers to decide what information they should collect from students.

Day 3 Work in small groups as Apprentices with the school teacher.

Day 4 (in the college) Reflection session.

The student teachers of each subject will reflect on their experiences under the leadership of the subject teacher in the presence of the Principal and other members of the staff and student teachers of other subjects.

Note: Student teachers should maintain journal/diary to record their experiences.

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